Ahimsa Peace Silk: The Full Story

Ahimsa Peace Silk: The Full Story

The traditional process of silk production requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of silk moths. The larvae are boiled alive, roasted or centrifuged. The female moths are slit open to check for diseases after they have laid the eggs for the next generation. Most consumers are not aware of the cruelty involved in the process of production. 

Silk can also be made in a non-violent, eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Ahimsa Peace Silk does away with brutal practices in the silk production without compromising on the quality of the silk and the productivity of operations. Unlike the conventional method where the pupae are killed before reeling yarn from the cocoons, in the process of Ahimsa Peace Silk production the adult moths are allowed to emerge alive from the cocoons and then the silk yarn is spun from the open ended or pierced cocoons found in the wild or from those used in breeding cycles.

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