Experimental Eco-Design: Product, Architecture, Fashion. By Cara Brower

"This is living proof - if ever it were needed - that you can do good and produce something that looks good without compromise. The cream of global eco-design is profiled adhereing the basic ecodesign principles that the product must be cyclic; produced using renewable energy; is safe to self and the environment and is an efficient use of resources. From the intriguing paper architecture and cardboard chairs from Japan - exquisite in its paper folding achievements - to a host of innovative recycled clothing designs, this book excites and inspires. The book suggests that sometimes the best ecological design is simply creating the obvious and seeing a snowboard lovingly constructed from sustainable timber warms the heart. At other times, eco-design involves more innovative methods and there are plenty of ideas in here to boggle the mind. The book is a true showcase of what can be done, and leaves you wondering why we're not doing more." www.greenmetropolis.com

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