SA8000 Certified Garment Manufacturers


What is SA-8000?

SA-8000 is a global social accountability standard to assure decent working conditions. Its objective: to ensure ethical sourcing and production of goods and services, through providing assurance of rights of the workers involved in the production processes.

SA-8000 was developed and overseen by Social Accountability International (SAI).

What Does The SA-8000 Certify?

Some of the SA-8000 Certicate criterias that must be met include:
- No child labour
- No forced labour
- Total health and safety assurance
- No discrimination
- Working hours are a maximum of 48 hours per week
- Employee freedom to join any trade unions and to organise and
collective bargaining
- Prohibition of corporal punishment and mental and physical coersion
- Overtime is voluntary with the maximum of 12 hours and paid at a premium rate
- Management systems that guarantee that requirements are effectively met

How SA-8000 Benefit My Company?

In this highly competitive market, as customers demand transparency of the products they buy, to ensure they are not supporting social repression and environmental damage, social accountability will no longer be a competitive advantage, but will become a sheer necessity in getting customers.

It can also benefit companies by:
• Enhancing company and brand reputation.
• Improving employee recruitment, longevity in the company and performance.
• Better supply chain management and performance.
• Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions.
• Easy customer identification of products made ethically & companies committed to ethical sourcing.

Offset Warehouse’s SA-8000 Certified Manufacturers List:

Offset Warehouse’s list has been compiled from the official lists published by We’ve set out the list in the following format:
- Company
- Address
- Country
- Scope
- Certification Body

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