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Is Ethical Fashion An Oxy Moron?

There are a number of members of the Hub working in fashion so it's worth taking note when one of the fashion industry's most famous names, supermodel Lily Cole, describes 'ethical fashion' as 'oxymoronic', particularly since she herself is the co-founder of an ethical fashion label, The North Circular. But this apparent contradiction highlights a very important question for those who work in ethical fashion. Is it really possible to deliver meaningful positive social impact within an industry that is so inherently unsustainable? The fashion industry, as it has evolved, is environmentally rapacious. It relies on consistent turnover, having four collections a year, every single year. As an industry its capacity to cultivate 'wants' and transform them into consumer 'needs'...

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What Does Green Mean? By Vanessa Friedman

Good question. And here’s the truth: having spent two days in Copenhagen immersed in the concept, having thought about it over the weeks since then, and having canvassed a wide variety of fashion figures, I can honestly answer ... no one knows. And the more you try to figure it out, the more confusing it becomes. Consider the following responses to the same, straightforward, question: “How would you define sustainable fashion?” Frida Giannini, Gucci creative director: “Quality items that stand the test of time – it is this concept of sustainability, symbolised by a timeless handbag that you wear again and again, and can pass on, that I am always thinking of when I design.” Oscar de la Renta, designer,...

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Re-Fashioning the Future: Eco-Friendly Apparel Design

This study's main objective was to re-think, or re-fashion, consumer interactions with clothing in order to cause less environmental harm while also meeting or exceeding consumer wants and needs. To achieve this objective, a list of eco-friendly apparel design goals was developed based on extensive research in clothing life cycle analysis, green consumer behavior, and innovative eco-friendly design approaches coupled with insight from interviews with eco-friendly design experts. As a result, five diverse eco-friendly apparel design collections were created and then evaluated by consumers based on appeal and ability to influence behavior. In addition, the design process inspired a new eco-design framework: the eco Friendly Framework. This book's review of research, collection of design goals, and new design framework could...

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