The Beast File - Apple

After an Apple enquiry, Foxconn introduces counseling, cuts worker's weeks to 60 hours, and strings nets to catch suicide attempts. 137 Wintek (contractor) workers get sick as a result of working with the n-hexane chemical. These workers say Apple is lying when it claims that they all were since cured, and say that neither Wintek, nor Apple have paid for follow-up medical treatment.

Many of your gadgets are built on third world labour. One estimate calculated that if iPads were built by American workers, they would retail for $14, 970 each. 

iTunes blocks apps which donate straight to charities. Apple has had no philanthropic division since it was shut by Steve Jobs in 1997*. Jobs has been called to answer a class action lawsuit accusing Apple of an iTunes monopoly. Apple takes 30% of all content sold through iTunes, and has launched its subscription service, which will also take 30% from publishers. Apple freezes Adobe's Flash out of its devices. Adobe capitulates.

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