What's wrong with fashion? By Ilaria Pasquellini

Lecture notes from an AUCB presentation (12/01/10):


Introduction to marketing and its influence within sustainable fashion and consumerism.
• What is marketing? Open discussion to students - answers written on OHP. Follow with slides to clarify answers.
• How can marketing promote sustainable practices and can it save the planet? • Video of Marketing Society (2:05 minutes)

An overview and evaluation of the market for ethical fashion. • What’s wrong with fashion? • Video: what is fast fashion and its impact on the world (3mins). • Ethical fashion market trends, opportunities and threats for companies. • Social vs mainstream entrepreneurs: what is the difference? Video: interview with
Worn Again founder (3:54). • The ethical consumer: their characteristics and buying/consuming patterns. Refer
to current research (EFF research 2008, Mintel Report 2009 and Made-BY survey
2010). • What kind of consumer are you? Ask students the criteria they use to buy clothing. • How and why mainstream clothing is changing. Two case studies:
• H&M & a video of the brand’s CSR strategy (3:24); • M&S “Plan A” - short video highlighting the main achievements of Plan A

What “Ethical” is and what it’s not: Students are divided into small groups, and are asked to identify which statements represent the terms “fair trade” and which do not. They should also identify the reasoning behind their decisions.

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