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Keep informed of the latest ethical fashion: join the mailinglist and follow the facebook page, twitter and blog. Many things get better with age. Quality clothes, classic cars and antique furniture all become ever more lovely as the decades roll past. Whether you like to keep second hand pieces the way you find them or upcycle them into something new, finding or rescuing something with timeless appeal always feels like a triumph. Artist Catri Osborne-Barrett believes that ‘the potential for upcycling is enormous, from damaged furniture and quarter-full tins of paint to the buttons on a stained and torn shirt.’ Growing up with a family who ran a storage and removal business, natural hoarder Catri wasn’t allowed to throw out customers' unwanted items so began experimenting...

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Is Ethical Fashion An Oxy Moron?

There are a number of members of the Hub working in fashion so it's worth taking note when one of the fashion industry's most famous names, supermodel Lily Cole, describes 'ethical fashion' as 'oxymoronic', particularly since she herself is the co-founder of an ethical fashion label, The North Circular. But this apparent contradiction highlights a very important question for those who work in ethical fashion. Is it really possible to deliver meaningful positive social impact within an industry that is so inherently unsustainable? The fashion industry, as it has evolved, is environmentally rapacious. It relies on consistent turnover, having four collections a year, every single year. As an industry its capacity to cultivate 'wants' and transform them into consumer 'needs'...

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