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Definitions of Clothing & Textiles Certifications

We know that understanding the different certifications for clothing and textiles production can be confusing, so we've compiled a helpful resource outlining the four most common standards:What Is Fair-Trade?What Does SA8000 Mean?Who Are The Soil Association?How Does The World Fair Trade Organisation Help?  Browse Our Certified FabricsBrowse Our Accredited Fashion """

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PlayFair 2008: No medal for the Olympics on labour rights

The PlayFair 2008 campaign report, No medal for the Olympics on labour rights, exposes gross violations of basic labour standards by several Chinese factories supplying goods under license for the Beijing Olympics. These violations included adult wages at half the legal minimum, employment of workers as young as 12 years old, and employees made to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week in unsafe and unhealthy conditions.  With freedom of association banned in China, the workers lack any effective means to defend their rights.

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Ethical Trade: What does it mean for small businesses?

Many fashion students who we meet have dreams' of setting up their own ethical label. The Ethical Trading Initiative have produced a new fact sheet that is essential reading for anyone who runs a small business or is thinking of setting up their own business and would like to learn more about sourcing ethically. The resource provides information on developing an ethical trade strategy, outlines the benefits of trading ethically and suggests what to look out for when finding suppliers. Keep up with the latest news: join the mailinglist and follow the facebook page"

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