Cinnamon Brush Strokes Bamboo Jersey
Cinnamon Brush Strokes Bamboo Jersey
Cinnamon Brush Strokes Bamboo Jersey

Cinnamon Brush Strokes Bamboo Jersey


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A beautiful striped print, this single jersey is made from super soft bamboo with a 5% elastane to ensure the fabric retains it shape, even after lots of wear. The print features deep purple blue, peach and cream stripes with a hand-drawn feel on a cinnamon pink base. Also available in Grey and Black. The fabric washes and irons incredibly well. What I particularly love about bamboo is that it creates a lot less pilling than other similar man-made fibres and cotton, so it continues to look great over time. This fabric has a gorgeous, fluid drape and is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. It's lightweight and breathable but completely opaque.

Bamboo is a natural fibre and as a fast growing raw material with incredible toxin-absorbing properties and long roots that prevent deforestation, it's a much more sustainable option compared to non-organic cotton, which is hugely environmentally damaging. It is also has great insulating properties, meaning that the fabric keeps the wearer warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. As well as being great for t-shirts, dresses and even sportswear, the fabric can also be used in soft furnishings.

To care for your product

Suitable for the washing machine & tumble dryer.

Turn the machine down to 30 degrees for a more environmentally friendly wash. In Europe alone, if every household turned its washing temperature down to 30°C, we could save 12 million tons of CO2 a year

Ideal For

Blouses, Gowns, Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Shirts, Summer Skirts & Dresses, Toys, Underwear & Lingerie

Product Information
Width: 175cm
Weight: 220gsm
Fibre: Bamboo, Elastane
Country of Origin: China
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Sustainable