Black Corozo Buttons 11.5mm - Pack Of 5
Black Corozo Buttons 11.5mm - Pack Of 5
Black Corozo Buttons 11.5mm - Pack Of 5

Black Corozo Buttons 11.5mm - Pack Of 5


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A pack of 5 corozo buttons in black 11.5mm diameter (18L).

This is a traditional shirt type, with subtle outside rim. Four-hole. Pure black with only a slight gloss.
Perfect for shirts, blouses, knitwear.
Corozo comes from the sustainable tagua nut of Ecuador.

Price is per pack of five buttons. For additional quantities, please update the quantity box e.g. for 10 buttons it is quantity x '2', 15 buttons it is quantity x '3'.

Ethical production:

Courtney and Co. are the only buttonmakers in the UK, after the centuries-old bustling craft closed doors with James Grove & Sons Ltd in 2012. Reviving the industry through investing in natural materials, machines, and taking on experienced button-makers who could practice and pass-on their skills, Courtney and Co. are following in the footsteps of their predecessors with special and unique natural buttons.

Along with a staffing of skilled craftspeople, Courtney and Co. donate nut trees to community projects to offset the carbon footprint of importing Tagua nuts (Corozo) from Ecuador. You can see the traditional craft of transforming tagua nut into buttons in Ecuador in Courtney and Co.'s Instagram feed.


Corozo is derived from the nut of the Tagua Palm which grows in the equatorial rainforests of central America. Otherwise known as 'vegetable ivory', it takes a tagua palm 15 years to reach maturity, and then goes on to produce it's valuable tagua nuts for a century or more. Each year, a tagua palm tree produces 15 large, spiny balls called ‘mococha’ which each contain around 20 small compartments in which some 6 nuts can be found - that’s 1,800 nuts per year in total. Given that these, in turn, vary in size, each tree, therefore, yields sufficient nuts for thousands of Corozo buttons each and every year.

As the ‘mococha’ fall to earth quite naturally when they are ripe, it means that there is no human harvesting or cutting of any part of the tree. Corozo is such a valuable crop, that in contrast to many rainforests around the world, which are being cut down legally as well as illegally, those in Ecuador are being largely maintained to protect the tagua palm tree’s economic and sustainability.

You can watch a video on corozo production on Vimeo here.

To care for your product:

Corozo buttons are washable up to 40°C (104°F), but we recommend turning down to 30˚ for that extra energy saving. We always recommend washing any garments with buttons inside out to prevent bashing and agitation on the natural material. There is a risk to colour loss if you wash on a higher temperature, though the buttons have been sealed after dyeing so this would be rare.

Ideal for:

Shirts, blouses, dresses, knitwear.

Use it with all light to medium to heavy weight fabrics.


Wholesale is available on buttons of 100+. This is a tester product for us so we will increase our range, or otherwise, you can go directly to Courtney and Co. (just tell them you found out about them through us!)