Creamy Milk Buttons 15mm - Pack Of 5
Creamy Milk Buttons 15mm - Pack Of 5
Creamy Milk Buttons 15mm - Pack Of 5
Creamy Milk Buttons 15mm - Pack Of 5

Creamy Milk Buttons 15mm - Pack Of 5


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A pack of 5 Codelite® (milk) buttons in pearlescent cream 15mm diameter (24L).

This is a chunky four-hole button with deep concave centre. 3mm drop.

Perfect for knitwear especially, soft homewares and bedding, shirts and blouses dependent on the fabric, and skirts plackets.

The milk material for this button - or Codelite® - is made from casein. This is the protein element naturally occurring in milk.

Price is per pack of five buttons. For additional quantities, please update the quantity box e.g. for 10 buttons it is quantity x '2', 15 buttons it is quantity x '3'.

Ethical production:

Courtney and Co. are the only buttonmakers in the UK, after the centuries-old bustling craft closed doors with James Grove & Sons Ltd in 2012. Reviving the industry through investing in natural materials, machines, and taking on experienced button-makers who could practice and pass-on their skills, Courtney and Co. are following in the footsteps of their predecessors with special and unique natural buttons.

Along with a staffing of skilled craftspeople, Courtney and Co. donate nut trees to community projects to offset the carbon footprint of importing Tagua nuts (Corozo) from Ecuador.


Codelite® is made from casein, which is the protein element naturally occurring in milk. Cured and hardened in sheets or rods, milk casein became a staple for button-making, being first produced in the UK as far back as 1910 at a factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire. While production of milk casein buttons continued in the UK until the early 1970’s, they were replaced by the present-day and near-ubiquitous use of polyester in the button-making industry.

To make Codelite®, rennet (a naturally occurring enzyme) is first introduced to the milk which separates the solids (curds) from the liquid (whey) in much the same way as cheese is made. Edible acids are added to accelerate the process. With the addition of formalin*, the substance turns into a solid material at a rate of about 1mm in thickness per week.

96% of the finished article is comprised from dairy milk (currently from Ireland). The whey – the liquid that is left over – is then sold as a commercially valuable commodity with many diverse uses, meaning that nothing goes to waste. The solid (curds) is then sent to Italy where it is made into casein from which the blanks are taken. As an alternative to polyester, Codelite® is strong, durable and as commercially washable.

*Formalin: Under REACH EU guidelines, a manufacturer need not disclose when formaldehyde (a naturally occurring gas) is present in the production at 0.1% or less, however, Courtney & Co. have had their products tested and the formaldehyde amounts comes out as 0.028%. The formalin bath is a process of material solidifying.


This product can compost in industrial compost circumstances within 6 months due to the natural fats and proteins, and is certified in conformity with EU biodegradability standards.

To care for your product:

Codelite® buttons are washable up to 40°C (104°F), but we recommend turning down to 30˚ for that extra energy saving. We always recommend washing any garments with buttons inside out to prevent bashing and agitation on the natural material. There is a risk to colour loss if you wash on a higher temperature, though the buttons have been sealed after blanching/dyeing so this would be rare. It should also be noted not to wash any darker coloured garments with garments made with these buttons, in case of possible dye transfer.

Ideal for:

Perfect for knitwear especially, soft homewares and bedding, lighter jackets and coats, skirts and trouser plackets.

Use it with all light to medium to heavy weight fabrics.


Wholesale is available on buttons of 100+. This is a tester product for us so we will increase our range, or otherwise, you can go directly to Courtney and Co. (just tell them you found out about them through us!)

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Great buttons!

Great buttons! With a lovely shine they look almost pearlescent!