Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk
Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk
Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk
Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk
Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk

Soft Pineapple Mulberry Silk


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Price per metre. Multiple quantities will be cut as a continuous length.

Luxurious blend of pineapple leaf fibres, raw silk and spun mulberry silk, creating a sheer fabric with a lustrous, ethereal finish. The creamy colour is all natural, and has a lot of character from the handweave.

During harvest of the pineapple fruit, the pineapple leaves are saved from being discarded; the fibres are manually detached from the leaves, washed at a nearby river and hung to dry. The leaf strands are then knotted, and hand-woven on electric-free looms by women in a cooperative on a Southern Philippines island. Pineapple fibres can last decades and as a textile, it is considered an heirloom piece; the longer you keep pina textile, it transforms into a vintage beige colour and gets softer with each passing generation.

If that wasn't enough, the Canadian spun mulberry silk comes from the leftovers of the reeling process (this means that no silkworms were killed in the production of this fibre). It is blended with Philippines raw silk here, so cannot claim to be animal cruelty-free, but this blend ensures a lighter weight textile with a lustre rather than high shine as with conventional silks.

To care for your product:

Being blended with mostly pineapple leaf fibres, please ensure that this fabric does not come in contact with anything acid (this includes orange or lemon), as this destroys the fabric. This fabric can handle high heat and steam, which may cause bubbles but will disappear as the steam evaporates from the fabric. It is best to hand-wash in cold water with light pressure to remove light stains, or otherwise we would recommend simple steaming to release odours.

Ideal For:

Hand Sewing; Machine Sewing; Clothing including skirts, dresses, tops that require some structure; Underwear and lingerie; Bridalwear; Soft Furnishings, including curtains, blinds, pelmets; Embroidery; Millinery.


Stepped pricing is available on quantities of 25 metres and over. Email us at to enquire; we may be able to cover some of that quantity, but won't be able to give reduced pricing on anything below 25 metres.


The cost of swatches can be refunded off any wholesale order.

Product Information
Width: 95cm
Weight: Approx. 30gsm
Fibre: 50% pineapple leaf fibre (Philippines) 25% raw silk (Philippines) 25% spun mulberry silk (Canada)
Country of Origin: Philippines
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Azo-Free, Co-Op, Low Energy, Low Water, Minimisation of Waste, No Genetically Modified Crops, Sustainable, VOC-free

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