Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box
Mystery Sewing Box

Mystery Sewing Box


Regular price £39.99

A fantastic present packed with ethical crafting goodies worth up to a whopping £70 and sumptuously tied in a bow. From novice to advanced crafters, these beautifully wrapped Mystery Sewing Boxes are packed with materials for multiple sewing projects that will get creative juices flowing with a mindful, sustainable twist! 

(Why not upgrade your box for £15 to our MEGA Mystery Sewing Box worth over £100?!)

What's inside the Mystery Sewing Box?
  • Two beautiful, ethically-sourced fabrics, from Offset Warehouse, 1.06m to 1.5m wide, 1-metre lengths of each, in different weights and fabric type
  • One downloadable garment pattern of your choice from our conscious-crafting pattern partner
  • One 275m reel of organic cotton sewing thread
  • Two exciting, sustainable haberdashery goodies
  • Sweet Fairtrade treats to keep you warm and your energy up and while crafting through colder weather
Is each box different?

This year, we have two different styles of box on offer, which include different fabric selections and neutral haberdashery items for easy navigation around tastes and style. 

Surprise 1: darker, sumptuous fabrics
Surprise 2: for softer, more-casual makes

You can select the style of box at the top of this page. 

What will the box look like?

The contents of the box described above (but not shown for that surprise!), will be beautifully wrapped in recycled acid-free tissue paper, tied with reclaimed white satin ribbon (to be re-purposed) and placed in a part-recycled corrugated cardboard box. The box will then be secured with a sticker or tape and sent directly to the recipient without any additional wrapping.

Please note, we re-assessed the packaging this year and have taken away the envelopes and gold stickers to keep it as minimal and recyclable as possible, so the images are from last year.

What are the patterns like?

We're delighted to offer a choice of patterns suitable to a variety of women's shapes and sizes, including "ableist" silhouettes. There is also one mens pattern. Every box contains a voucher code to the value of one downloadable PDF pattern of your choice. If you'd prefer mens patterns, send us an email before you order and we can organise codes for another pattern company that offers contemporary menswear patterns alongside womenswear.

The question is... how will you choose between all of the wonderful patterns on offer?

What is the range of pattern sizes?

Sizes vary between patterns, but as a guide, the following sizes are available: XS/0 - 7X/32. We have included two size charts in the images that cover the majority of patterns.

Please note:
  • We pre-make our boxes, which means there is a limited quantity.
  • Although not essential, we recommend that Mystery Sewing Boxes go to homes with sewing machines, or access to one, as these will be required to make the patterns.
  • Vegan & vegetarian: based on feedback from last years sewing boxes, you'll find only natural-based fabrics in this selection (and no wool or silk). However, the treat is a non-vegan hot chocolate - if you would like this to be left out, please leave a note in the comments box at checkout, but we do not have an alternative option to replace it with.