Two Tone Purple Peace Silk Organza Fabric

Two Tone Purple Peace Silk Organza Fabric


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The warp and weft of the organza fabric is made of two colours, carnation pink and violet purple, creating a two-tone quality, subtly changing the depth of the organza fabric's colour in the light.

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Bags, Belts, Blinds, Blouses, Gowns, Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Shirts, Summer Skirts & Dresses, Toys, Underwear & Lingerie

Product Information
Width: 98cm
Weight: 26gsm
Fibre: Peace / Ahimsa Silk, Silk
Country of Origin: Cambodia
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Animal Cruelty Free, By-Product, Co-Op, Fair Wage, Fairtrade, Low Energy, Low Water, Sustainable
Accreditors: Artisans Cambodia, WFTO