Natural Draped Peace Silk

Natural Draped Peace Silk


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A hand woven, eri silk fabric, with a beautiful drape and slight shimmery lustre, the eri silk fabric is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Eri silk fabric is created using wild silk worms. These wild silk worms create the naturally nude fibres and are cultivated in India, with their food being sourced from the castor-bean plant. As the eri silk fabric is produced on a non-chemical farm, the silk worms' castor bean nourishment is planted around the perimeter of the micro family farm cotton fields, which also act as a natural insect repellent.

Not only is this a peace silk fabric where the worms are not killed in the process of the manufacturing, but this eri silk fabric is part of a local government sponsored project, benefiting the impoverished hill tribe people of the highlands in Southern India. The silk worms are all hand reared and cultivated, and the fabric is handwoven. Eri silk fabric dyes beautifully with natural dyes. Shrinkage is approximately 3% and weft ways approximately 2%

To care for your product

Dry clean / hand wash. Machine wash on gentle cycle, with mild soap and warm water. Tumble dry on low heat, or iron dry from a barely damp state. Never use bleach. Always test swatch beforehand.

Ideal For

Blinds, Blouses, Gowns

Product Information
Width: 114cm
Weight: 71gsm
Fibre: Peace / Ahimsa Silk, Silk
Country of Origin: India
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Animal Cruelty Free, Azo-Free, Fair Wage, Low Energy, Low Water, No Finishes, No Genetically Modified Crops, Organic (Uncertified), Unbleached, Undyed