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Fabrics Protecting Our Loved Ones, The People Who Make Them & The Environment

Handwoven Ethical Fabrics


Offset Warehouse is a social business that brings together a huge range of eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile creations. From fashion, to interiors, to toy making, to lingerie, Offset Warehouse presents an ever-growing range of the most beautiful and unique fabrics, handpicked by a Master designer. The materials are accessible from quantities of one metre, with swatches available directly on each product page, with worldwide delivery. If you are a business interested in wholesale quantities, please get in touch, and we will forward you our wholesale catalogue and price list.

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How we source our products 

All of the products sold on Offset Warehouse either benefit the people who make them, the people who handle them (including us!) or the planet. Products are sourced from locations globally and we pride ourselves on selling the most beautiful, handcrafted and fairly sourced textiles and haberdashery, sold at affordable but fair prices, with a minimum order of just one metre. With a Masters from the Royal College of Art, Founder and Director, Charlie Bradley Ross, hand picks the fabrics herself, to ensure that all of the products sold are unique, luxurious, sophisticated, the highest quality and one step ahead of the trend. We also look to be as transparent as possible, providing you with traceable information to pass on in your makes.

“I'm absolutely obsessed with textiles. At the core of all of our work at Offset Warehouse, is my passion to help the people who weave our fabrics, and to prevent any further environmental atrocities associated with textile manufacture. It's my goal to source the most beautiful, hand-crafted and fairly-sourced fabrics, trims and threads from across the globe, and sell from one to hundreds of metres at affordable but fair prices. The website is always up to date with current and future trends, proving that you can be eco and fashionable. Most importantly, you can feel good knowing exactly where your fabric has come from, and who has made it... "

Charlie Bradley Ross, founder and Director, Offset Warehouse 

Why Are We Eco?

It’s all about making it easier...

Being ethical in the world of fashion and interiors is hard work! Eco fabrics are still being produced in relatively small quantities, so to both source these textiles in the first place and then be able to acquire just a few metres takes a huge amount of time and research. We want the whole world to buy ethical textiles, and Offset Warehouse makes it easy by doing all the sourcing for you.

And doing the right thing...

All of Offset Warehouse's products are socially or environmentally responsible.  So every time you purchase something from Offset Warehouse, you can feel good about ensuring a farmer or weaver's safety and livelihood, or that the environment is being carefully looked after.

How It All Began: A Designer's Struggle To Find On-Trend Ethical Textiles 

In 2009, Charlie Bradley Ross left the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Menswear Design. Throughout her education and subsequent design career, she was determined to work only with ethically sourced raw materials and production, but found incorporating sustainable textiles and eco-friendly dyes into her collections a real challenge. Resources, particularly for small purchases, were very limited. Even information about the sector was difficult to access. As a result, she made the decision to put her design and consulting work on hold to focus on solving these problems – and Offset Warehouse was born.

Image above left: Charlie Bradley Ross (left) with Zandra Rhodes (right)

Once I found out about the slave labour and farmer suicides caused by unfair wages and worker rights, I just didn’t want to be part of it,” she says. “The thought of my designs negatively affecting – even killing – workers was a massive shock and abhorred me. 

Digging deeper, I discovered the environmental disasters associated with fabric production, and that irresponsibility on the part of some manufacturers is destroying entire ecosystems and areas of land. I couldn’t sit back. I had to do something about it.

Charlie Sourcing fabrics from Thailand"Now, our customers don’t have to spend hours searching high and low – as I did – for fabulous textiles that benefit the environment and the people who make them. Creating ethical fashions and interiors is now an accessible goal for everyone – we can all make a difference.

Charlie set about sourcing the most beautiful, hand-crafted and fairly-sourced fabrics, trims, threads, dyes and glues from across the globe, sold at affordable but fair prices, and brought them together under one roof. And all the time with one eye on current and future trends, proving that eco doesn’t have to mean staid or old-fashioned.

By showing individuals and businesses that it’s perfectly possible to be ethical without compromising on the quality, appearance and price of the final product, it's our goal that Offset Warehouse encourages more responsible behaviour in the fashion and interiors industry as a whole.