Updated 6th November 2020.

Thank you for your support during the current Coronovirus pandemic.

Our shop is open for online orders, with all stock being cut, packaged and shipped from our remote fulfilment warehouse in Essex, UK. Our warehouse team are taking all health and safety precautions as advised by Public Health England, our Government and WHO. We already have one main stock manager, plus a separate room for our products including our packaging, but during this crisis the warehouse have had the minimum amount of staff on the premises (i.e. no admin staff are in the warehouse), are using gloves, sanitiser and anti-bacterial spray where necessary, and at the same time monitoring their own health.

Orders are being processed as normal, however you may encounter a slight delay as the team take these extra precautions to ensure their own safety, and for yours for when you receive your parcel. A big thanks also needs to go out to our Royal Mail and courier services for their dedication at this time.

We would advise that upon receipt of your parcel and unwrapping your items, you put the wrappings in your recycling bin as normal (we use tissue paper and cardboard as standard). We would also suggest that you wash the fabric (which you should do anyway) so you don't forget at a later date, or otherwise keep the textile in a bag for a few days so that any virus that may be on the surface can die off/isn't transferred. Please wash your hands throughout this process as you would do when handling other packages or packaged food from shops. For any haberdashery items, again we suggest that you quarantine them for a few days and if in doubt, wipe the surface e.g. with the organic cotton thread wooden bobbin reels.

As restrictions have eased, we've also been able to increase our stock levels with new arrivals. It means that we can continue to support the grassroots producers creating artisanal textiles, and that you are able to follow on with your sustainable making.

We would love to see what you're currently making. Tag us on Instagram @offset_warehouse or use the branded hashtag #forpeopleandplanet