70cm Hand Woven Peace Silk Satin

70cm Hand Woven Peace Silk Satin

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A beautiful and unique peace silk satin, with a gorgeous, featherweight drape and incredible weave.  It is the epitome of luxury.  The organically raised silk is reeled by hand by families in small weaving communities in rural India. The weaving is also done by hand, adding to its authenticiy and uniqueness. The structure creates a beautiful almost striped or melange effect, that becomes a little tighter when washed.  The fabric is quite transparent and has a weight and drape similar to our super fine chiffon.

Hand reeling on simple home equipment allows families to extract the fibres from the breeder cocoons that have holes in them. This is significant, as these holes are where the moths have been allowed to hatch.  Usually, the moths are killed inside the cocoons so that the holes do not cause problems when extracting the fibre. Allowing the moths to emerge is in line with the principles of "Peace Silk" or ahimsa silk, where no animals are harmed in the making of the fabric.

This is a 100% natural silk, with no additives, adulterants, bleaches or finishes.  It is produced in a totally organic way, but it is not certified. It is 50cm wide, which is the width of a traditional, small handloom. Weft shrinkage = 0; warp (lengthways) shrinkage less than 2%.

PLEASE NOTE: Once all metres of this fabric have been sold we will not be restocking it. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more information.

Limited Availability - Once this fabric has sold out it will be wholesale only, with a minimum of 20 metres and a lead time of approximately 2 weeks (sent from our US warehouse)