Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta
Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta
Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta
Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta
Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta

Fair Trade Mustard Silk Taffeta


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Only swatches available now.

Price is per metre. Multiple quantities will be cut in a continuous length.

Super luxurious crisp, lightweight fabric with a fine, smooth surface. Constructed as a plain weave, this vibrant yet warm "English mustard" taffeta has a wonderful hold and body to it, and still has a stunning drape. Described as a "thick" taffeta, it is closely woven and opaque but with a light hand feel.

The fabric is completely woven by hand and is Fair Trade certified and like all of our fabrics, we chose the colour to be perfectly timeless.

Ethical production:

Produced in a WFTO-certified co-operative, the 100% natural mulberry silk textile requires no additives, and no bleaches or finishes have been used - better for people and planet. Mulberry silk means that the Bombyx Mori silkworms have been cultivated on a diet of solely mulberry leaves, creating a fine naturally white silk fibre making for a vibrant and even-dyed textile. Please note, mulberry silk is not a peace silk as the worms do not emerge out of the cocoon as a moth. However, the cultivation looks to the best animal welfare standards and quality feeding, along with fair trade practices for the spinners and weavers. The fabric is hand woven using a patented Cambodian technique.


With an almost zero-carbon production footprint, its traditional, handmade qualities offer a unique exclusivity combined with animal rights and sustainability.

Silk is biodegradable (in the right anaerobic conditions) so at the end of its life can be composted. Silk is also an incredibly strong fibre that will last for a very long time anyway, so along with non-certified organic cultivation and processing, this fabric is beneficial to the land before and after its production. The dye used is non-carcinogenic containing no heavy metals (DyStar).

To care for your product:

We recommend eco-friendly dry cleaning to protect the natural lignin gum that gives organza its stiffness. Otherwise, hand wash rather than using a delicate machine wash cycle, but please note that washing does change the texture making it crinkly until ironed. If in doubt, you can always hang up any item made with this textile in your bathroom after a shower for the steam to help release any odours and creasing. It is also beneficial to avoid any acidic substances such as citrus and some deodorants that can eat away and discolour the fibre.

Ideal For:

Bags & Accessories, Blinds, Blouses, Couture & Eveningwear, Curtains & Pelmets, Embroidery, Fashion, Gowns, Hand Sewing, Jackets & Coats, Lining & Pocketing, Machine Sewing, Millinery, Skirts & Dresses, Tableware, Trousers & Shorts, Underwear & Lingerie, Wedding & Bridalwear


This fabric has a minimum of 20 metres to re-order and a lead time of approximately 8 weeks, though is usually quicker depending on if it is in stock with our international partner. Email us on info@offsetwarehouse.com with your requirements, and we can see if we're able to fulfil the remainder of the minimum order quantity.

Product Information
Width: 98cm
Weight: 90gsm / 24 momme
Fibre: 100% Mulberry Silk
Country of Origin: Cambodia
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Azo-Free, By-Product, Co-Op, Fair Trade Certified, Fair Wage, Fairtrade, Low Energy, Low Impact Dyes, Low Water, Sustainable
Accreditors: Artisans Cambodia, WFTO