Organic Cotton Thread - Marshmallow Pink
Organic Cotton Thread - Marshmallow Pink

Organic Cotton Thread - Marshmallow Pink

150-4809-Marshmallow Pink-PP

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Smooth and lustrous thread in a light candyfloss marshmallow pink. Made with long-staple, organic cotton - ideal for all sewing projects. 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton thread on a wooden spool.

Long staple crops are much better for long-lasting garments and household products, as the fibres are less prone to breaking. Leaving you with products that look like new for longer! 

Extra discounts available on orders of 5 or 10 reels. Please email to enquire.

Available as 100m or 275m reels. Price is per reel.

Ethical and Sustainability Considerations

This fibre has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers, or any environmentally hazardous substances, which means it is better for people and the planet. Organic fibres play a multifaceted role in lowering the environmental impact of a product and prioritising human health over short-term profit. GOTS also ensures worker safety, such as absolutely no slave labour and child labour, no harassment or violence and strict rules around working hours.

As well as the Organic Certification, the producer uses natural dyes, natural lubrication and a very stringent mercerising process, with an OekoTex 100 Standard certification for their bleaching and finishing processes.

The wooden reel that the thread comes on can be repurposed for your darning threads or composted at home. And as a natural fibre, the product will perfectly biodegrade in the right conditions.

Suitable For

All sorts of clothing, underwear and lingerie, crafts and embroidery.

You can use cotton threads on any fabric, although natural textiles are the most suitable. This thread will work on all domestic and industrial flatbed machines, but be cautious of your machine's tension as the tensile strength of cotton is lower than that of polyester - even though this is a long staple fibre.

Product Care

This thread can withstand tumble-drying and washing at high temperatures.

Wholesale and Restocking

Additional discounts are available on orders of 5 reels and upwards. Please email to enquire. We love working with smaller brands: purchase directly from the website and email us for wholesale quantities for bulk production when you're ready. We welcome large and small orders from brands of all sizes.

Please Note

Refunds are available for this product, but returns must be made at your own expense unless in the unfortunate event that your thread arrives damaged. Please see our Refunds and Cancellation Policy page for full details.

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