Off-White Hessian

Off-White Hessian


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Made from 100% jute, this hard-wearing, close-weave, off-white hessian fabric is the perfect material to create toys, notice boards, wall coverings and more. With a medium weight (442 gsm), close-weave and no UV properties, the off-white hessian fabric maintains it's uniqueness from other hessians. More commonly known as burlap, this off-white hessian was woven from the long, shiny vegetable fibres of the jute plant (often these fabrics have a very holey open weave). Although in the past this fabric has been quite course, it has since been refined into a durable and eco friendly material with a beautiful off-white colour and fantastic hessian quality.

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Bags, Belts, Toys

Product Information
Width: 150cm
Weight: 442gsm
Fibre: Jute
Country of Origin: China
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Animal Cruelty Free, Low Energy, Low Water, Organic (Uncertified), Sustainable