Organic Cotton Thread - Olive Green
Organic Cotton Thread - Olive Green

Organic Cotton Thread - Olive Green

150-4823-Olive Green-PP

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100% GOTS-certified organic cotton thread.

100 metres (100 yards) on a wooden spool.
(If you're interested in the 275m reels at £4.35 each, let us know as we will be ordering these).

Ethical production:

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers, which means it is better for people and planet. This cotton is a long staple crop meaning it is smooth and less prone to breaking.

  • The threads come from Scanfil who use natural dyes, natural lubrication and a very stringent mercerizing process, with an OekoTex 100 Standard certification for their bleaching and finishing processes.
  • Sustainability:

    Organic cotton thread is particularly suitable for natural fabric garments, so that when you're washing (or later dyeing) your item, there isn't worry with high temperatures or discolouration.

    The wooden reel that the thread comes on can be repurposed for your darning threads, or composted at home.

    To care for your product:

    It's best to sew garments that use natural fibres with your organic cotton thread, as it helps in the washing process - and if you're looking to biodegrade your full garment in your home compost!

    This thread will work on all domestic and industrial flat bed machines, but be cautious of your machine's tension as the tensile strength of cotton is lower than that of polyester - even though this is a long staple fibre.

    Ideal for:

    All sorts of clothing, underwear and lingerie, crafts, embroidery.


    Stepped tiered pricing is available on quantities over 10 reels. Email us on to enquire.

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