REMNANT: Bundle Of Drapey Crepe Fabric Pieces

REMNANT: Bundle Of Drapey Crepe Fabric Pieces


Regular price £10.00

10-11 pieces of drapey and soft polyester crepe and satin fabrics taken from various luxury fabric headers. They are a mix of handles, weights and colours, bundled together to create a lovely selection for many projects.

Price is per the one bundle of 10-11 pieces. Swatches are approximately 16cm x 16cm each.

Your bundle will be chosen at random. Only 5 bundles available. If you would like multiple, please select the quantity in the box.

All pieces are without composition labels but are polyester and blends. They come from a design office that sourced primarily from luxury mills, and so some fibres are sustainably-sourced and produced in environmentally-friendly and ethical ways.

Perfect for accessories, patchwork garments, quilting, craft projects, patching.