REMNANT: Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave
REMNANT: Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave
REMNANT: Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave
REMNANT: Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave

REMNANT: Light Blue Handwoven Crossweave


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2.4 metre piece, now 10% off. 240cm length x 95cm width.

A beautiful mediumweight plain weave fabric, in a stunning light blue colour. One metre of fabric takes approximately three hours to weave, as this fabric is completely woven by hand. We have sourced this fabric directly from a small weaving village in Northern Thailand, and all sales directly support this community and ensure that the weavers are paid fair wages. The fabric has been yarn-dyed (the yarn is dyed before it is woven) with natural indigo dyes, and no chemical mordants are used. The colour includes a combination of several blue hues, giving the crossweave a stunning depth of colour, and an almost denim look.

The fabric is incredibly sturdy and durable, with a great drape. It is totally opaque, although the weave structure does make it a little transparent against direct light. The fabric is ideal for clothing (no doubling required) and for durable soft furnishings. It is warm to touch and has a slight texture due to the thicker yarns and slightly open weave. As the fabric is 100% cotton, it is totally biodegradable. It also has virtually no carbon footprint, as the entire process is done by hand and uses no electricity - including spinning and dyeing.

For heavier alternatives, have a look at our denim twills. The fabric is colourfast and pre-shrunk, but we always recommend that the fabrics are washed before use.Please note this fabric may vary in thickness and colour to the images shown. You can order a sample to check the current batch is right for you.

To care for your product

Suitable for the washing machine & tumble dryer.

Turn the machine down to 30 degrees for a more environmentally friendly wash. In Europe alone, if every household turned its washing temperature down to 30°C, we could save 12 million tons of CO2 a year

Ideal For

Aprons, BackPacks, Bags, Belts, Blinds, Curtains & Pelmets, Flags, Hand Sewing, Hankerchiefs, Scarves & Neckwear, Machine Sewing, Napkins, Placemats, Shirts, Soft Furnishings, Summer Skirts & Dresses, Table Runner, Tea Cosy & Door Stops, Toys, Trousers & Shorts, Upholstery

Product Information
Width: 95cm
Weight: 134gsm
Fibre: Cotton (Non-Organic)
Country of Origin: Thailand
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Azo-Free, Co-Op, Fair Wage, Low Energy, Low Impact Dyes, Low Water, Naturally Dyed, No Genetically Modified Crops, VOC-Free

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