Soft Golden Tussah Silk

Soft Golden Tussah Silk


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A soft and warm 100% Tussah wild silk, with chunky slubby yarns in its gorgeous natural light golden beige colour. The Tussah is a little wider at 134cm and because of its natural qualities as an insulator and wicking away moisture without feeling clammy or wet, makes it a wonderful choice for beautifully sophisticated blankets and baby wraps. : very warm and cuddly. It naturally the colour of coffee with cream. Sturdier than cultivated silk, the tussah is also able to hold up well to wear and washing! Tussah silk is wild silk that is typically gathered in the jungle from cocoons of wild silkmoths. Thus wild silk can be considered Organic, as almost all wild silk is wildcrafted. The tussah was then woven with a closely spaced fine reeled tussah warp. The weft is thicker, softly spun and pulled out of the cocoons, a traditional handspun yarn. Uses: Because of its strength and natural properties, it is suitable for both clothing and interiors. Weft (width) shrinkage: 2% , Warp (length) shrinkage:10% Recommended care: Machine wash: gentle cycle, warm water, mild soap. Tumble dry on low heat. For smoothest finish, iron on an ultra low heat on the back side of the fabric in a slightly damp state.

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Bags, Bath Robes, Blinds, Gowns, Shirts, Throws

Product Information
Width: 134cm
Weight: 112gsm
Fibre: Silk
Country of Origin: India
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Animal Cruelty Free, Azo-Free, Fair Wage, Low Energy, Low Water, No Finishes, No Genetically Modified Crops, Organic (Uncertified), Unbleached, Undyed