Our next pre-order focusses on our luxurious silk options. Due to the pandemic, there have been shortages with raw materials, so while grassroots producers have been able to work from home or locally, the lack of available natural materials has been limited. We are pleased that we are now able to top up our stock and support these artisan communities.

Delivery of these is anticipated in 4-6 weeks, very dependent on shipping, customs and unusually to say, wild fire!

Hemp silk - Mocha is also available to order more of (we have a small stock now) if you are looking at wholesale quantities.

Peace silk - a stunning range all with their own character. We do have a minimum order, so potentially we may have to revise if we can order what you would like - if in doubt, send an email.

Banana/Pineapple - a small quantity is available of the taffeta and pineapple mulberry only, so don't hesitate if you've been waiting on this! Last chance until next year.

Recycled polyester - we need to reach a minimum order, but tell us what you'd like and we'll get it; we love these shades! You can also order the ivory as wholesale.