Press and Achievements

Having launched in 2010, we are proud to be one of the first fabric shops in the UK spearheading the ethical textiles and responsible design movement and are regularly asked to contribute and commentate as guest experts on the topic. Through education and advocacy, we have inspired hundreds of fashion students and creatives to consider where their textiles come from and how they can make their business model more sustainable. We are also frequently invited to speak at sustainability events, including BAFTA and have been featured on news programmes such as ITV News at 10. Offset Warehouse fabrics have been used across media ranging from blockbuster movies to the Oscars. And both businesses, Offset Warehouse and The Sustainable Fashion Collective have been featured in newspapers and online media, including The Guardian,, Metro and Business Insider. Scroll down to see our latest press.

Looking for expert comment?

We are experienced key-note speakers, presenters, panel moderators, interviewers and workshop facilitators, both online and in-person. If you're looking for expert comment for in-person or online media and events, we'd be delighted to hear from you, please email

"7 Steps To Sustainable Sewing", Love Sewing Issue 103, January 2022

Love Sewing Magazine Issue 103 7 Steps To Sustainable Sewing
Charlie provides hobby sewists with 7 snippets of advice for sewing sustainably, from starting with your fabric stash, to sourcing responsibly, to thinking about your item's end of life. Find the article in Issue 103.

"4 ways to put the brakes on ultra fast fashion", Experience Life magazine, December 2021

Experience Life Magazine, December 2021, How to put the brakes on fast fashion

Charlie gave comments on making better informed choices when purchasing clothing, and how to drive demand with your money. read the full article here.

"With systemic change, the fashion industry can lift millions of people out of poverty, providing them with decent and dignified livelihoods. It can preserve and restore our living planet"

Making A Living: How To Craft Your Business [Book] launched December 2021

Yodomo How To Making A Living Craft Business Book
Offset Warehouse founder, Charlie Bradley Ross, gave tips on how to ensure your supply chain is ethical, as part of a chapter on "how to be a responsible business". Get the book here.

"Are tote bags bad for the environment? Why reusables can be problematic",, November 2021 reusable tote bags

The Offset Warehouse team were asked for their expert opinion on reusable products as an antidote to wasteful shopping practices and single use materials. Read the full article here.

"Buying into sustainability fulfills the shopping desire and alleviates guilt – and yet we all have something reusable in our life already."

"The best sustainable fashion brands to shop for the ethical fashionista in all of us", Woman & Home Magazine, June 2021

Levis and Sustainability
Offset Warehouse founder, Charlie Bradley Ross, was asked to offer her expert opinions on sustainability in the fashion industry. Read the full article here.

Vintage Bikini Set Hack, Love Sewing Magazine, June 2021

Stretch ECONYL from Offset Warehouse
Claire-Louise Hardie used our recycled nylon fabric, Stretch ECONYL, to recreate this vintage pattern for Love Sewing Magazine.

"This $500 Designer Handbag Is Made From Aluminum Cans", Business Insider, January 2021

Business Insider asked us to comment on the damaging impact of the fashion industry. View the full video here.

Offset Warehouse asked for advice for "From Eco Benefits to Legal Status" article on hemp, The Guardian, October 2019

We were asked by The Guardian to give some thoughts on hemp fibre and its use within fashion. The article didn't quite get all of the hemp production facts right, however it did showcase brands utilising hemp in contemporary ways, including Levi's and Eileen Fisher. Find the online article here.


The Importance of Recycling Yarn, advice for Simply Crochet Mag Issue 89, October 2019

"Recycling and the environmental impact of our everyday choices are a hot topic right now, and one that affects even our crocheting decisions too! In issue 89 you’ll find our awesome feature all about recycled yarn, with insights from leading recycled fibre champions such as Hoooked Zpagetti, Offset Warehouse and Wool and the Gang. If you’ve ever want to know how eco-friendly yarns are made, how much of an impact they actually make, or how different they feel to crochet with compared to non-recycled yarn, then make sure you check it out!"

Pure London July 2019

Delighted to be invited to present on the topic of Sustainability in the design industry at Pure London's trade show.

Slave to Fashion December 2018

A group of friends and fellow campaigners gathered at Claremont Project - Islington to show their favourite, most treasured and ethically produced outfit to take a stand against slavery. We are big supporters of The Clean Clothes Campaign , World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), @Fair Trade Uk, and the Ethical Trade Initiative that are campaigning for corporate responsibility and promoting better practice
in different ways. {photo and video features and thanks to: Natalya Minney, Bel Jacobs, Sacha Holub, Karen Knapp, Kate Osborne, Lucien Paul, PoZu and Charlie and Steph from Offset Warehouse, Incredibusy and many more.

The British Craft Awards 2019, November 2018

We are honoured to have been nominated for The British Craft Awards 2019. We're in the sewing category amongst a group of very established brands, though hopefully you believe in our particular endeavour and would like to support us. Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in our journey this far!

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

Delighted to be featured in Jen Gale's first published book "The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide", and to have helped Jen clarify some information on Tencel.

Togetherfest x Creator Awards October 2018

Togetherfest x Creator Awards & Offset Warehouse We were invited by Meetup to host a creative evening as part of their Togetherfest at the WeWork Creator Awards. We set up an embroidery + fabric scrap pom pom making lounge area where we discussed pertinent topics surrounding fashion + tech. We then watched startups pitch their ideas to a panel (including Ashton Kutcher) for investment then danced the night away to Diplo in Printworks' stupendous building. Feature August 2018

We were soooo excited to be filmed by Meetup at our workshop with Juta Shoes a few weeks ago. Like the look of it? You can join in all the fun here:…/ (It's totally free to join!) Our next events are a Natural Dyeing webinar and an ethical knitwear panel discussion - don't miss them!.

Style Yourself Sustainable March & August 2018

Offset Warehouse founder, Charlie Bradley Ross, spoke at the Style Yourself Sustainable event. It was such a lovely event -huge thanks for having us and letting us talk all about the importance of sustainable textiles!

Bafta, July 2018

Offset Warehouse founder, Charlie Bradley Ross had the huge honour of meeting and being on a panel discussion with Fashion Revolution Founder, Orsola de Castro, costume designer, Sinéad O'Sullivan and the incredible costume design legend Jacqueline Durran at Bafta. With hundreds of awards (including an Oscar!) under her belt, it was a delight to finally meet Jacqueline in person AND she brought along some of her treasured costumes, so we finally saw the Beauty and The Beast costume that features our beautiful handwoven fabrics in the flesh. What a day.

Make It British Live April 2018

We were extremely honoured and thrilled to have been invited to guest speak at the brilliant Make it British Live Symposium.

Pure London February 2018

Delighted to be on a panel discussion about reshoring manufacturing with Dr Knox of ASBCI and Simon Middleton of Blackshore.

Simply Sewing February 2018

Simply Sewing Feature Thrilled that our sewing workshop, "Draping on The Stand", in collaboration with Laura Alice Dressmaking was featured in the February edition of Simply Sewing Magazine. Here's to more fantastic collaborations.

Love Sewing February 2018


Love Sewing February 2018 We were so delighted that our zero waste pattern was featured by none other than Claire-Louise Hardie in the February edition of Love Sewing Magazine. There was also a little shoutout to the amazing zero waste workshop we held in 2016 with BuildingBloqs. Advocating for zero waste in the design industry?! YES PLEASE!

Textile Forum October 2017


Textile Forum Offset Warehouse Coverage Discussing the importance of considering how your product will be discarded at the end of its life and its social and environmental impact, Charlie Ross, Founder of Offset Warehouse was delighted to write this piece for Tex Magazine.

Sewing World August 2017


Sewing World Very excited to be featured in the August edition of Sewing World, make sure to grab a copy and find out all about Offset Warehouse! To keep up to date with all thing sewing be sure to check out magazine Sewing World!

Love Sewing July 2017

Check out the July 2017 edition of Love Sewing to see Amy use our gorgeous light blue crossweave for her A-line eyelet dress.  

Slave To Fashion April 2017

Make sure to grab a copy of Safia Minney latest book Slave To Fashion. Check out the toolkit section to find out how to join the campaign where we feature talking all about ethical fabrics!! 

Simply Sewing October 2016

Very excited to be featured in an article discussing the importance of slow fashion as an alternative to throw away culture! Be sure to look out for other great tips and inspirtation in Simply Sewing!!

Textile Forum The Fashion Show October 2016

Extremely excited to be featured in the October 2016 edition of the Tex magazine discussing the resurgence of artisanal fabrics among todays fashion industry. Check out the great article to discover the history of some of our amazing fabrics!

Textile Forum The Fashion Show March 2016

Check out the amazing article featured in Tex magazine discussing the meteoric rise of ethical products with fabrics from Offsetwarehouse at its center. Be sure to follow the amazing fabric innovations displayed at the show by following the forum on Twitter @textile_forum!!

Love Sewing December 2015

  Wendy Ward discusses how important it is to be both sustainable and ethical in fabric choices. Check out her amazing article in Love Sewing, we feature as a place to buy great fabrics. Be sure to look up Love Sewing for great tips and inspiration. 

Mollie Makes November 2015

Great to be featured in Anna Alicia inspiring article on fabric envelopes. Please do check out Mollie Makes for some more great sewing tips and inspirations. 

Epoch Times August 2015

Amazing to be featured in the Epoch Times discussing the need for eco-fabrics in the fashion industry. "The Eco-Fabric company helping designers take an ethical stance"  

Zoe Robinson, Eco Girl, features us in the Metro, Jan 2014

Supremely excited to be noted in the Metro by eco fashionista, Zoe Robinson, as a place to buy eco trims and fabrics!  Please do check out her own website The Good Wardrobe - all about mending and upcycling your clothes, before buying new ones. 

Reviewed by EcoSalon, July 2013

"From muslin to linens, velvets to jerseys, flannel to silk, and bamboo to Modal, Offset Warehouse offers one of a premium selection of eco fabrics for designers or hobby crafters that love to use textiles. Although the online warehouse offers larger quantities to wholesalers, it is specifically geared towards providing materials to independent designers that work on a smaller scale, or people who want to use organic, ethical fabrics in their home sewing projects... You can find an array of ethical textile materials for nearly any type of sewing or furnishing fashion project including fabrics, trims, haberdashery and paints at reasonable prices. The Offset Warehouse team has made sure to source only products that benefit the people who make or handle them and the planet." 

Four Offset Warehouse Fabric Favourites by Feelgood Style, June 2013


Feelgood Style highlights some of our best features and picks out their favourite four fabrics. "When it comes to creating sustainable and eco products, finding sustainable textiles and fabrics can take a huge amount of time and research. Offset Warehouse’s goal is to get the whole world to buy ethically, so their company has set out to make it easy by doing all the sourcing for you!" 


Offset Warehouse "Still Alive" Campaign hits the Metro, June 2013


Supporting workers worldwide and raising awareness of the atrocities behind the fashion industry, the Metro features Offset Warehouse's "Still Alive" t-shirt.









Offset Warehouse "Still Alive" T-Shirt is Guardian's Fashion Buy of The Day, May 2013


"In the wake of the Bangladesh factory collapse which killed 1,000 garment factory workers, the response from the fashion world has been divided. Offset Warehouse, an eco-friendly, socially conscious textile and fashion company, have responded with a startlingly simple message. All proceeds from their T-shirts go to garment workers worldwide."






Offset Warehouse Director Talks To ITV on Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapse April 2013


Offset Warehouse Director talks to ITV about the atrocity in Bangladesh, and what can be done to prevent disasters like this from taking place in the future.

Watch the full news story here:


Presented to Her Majesty as representative of Ethical Fashion & Textiles during The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012


Offset Warehouse was asked to represent ethical fashion and textiles to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, in the Queen's Gardens, Bromley.

In tow with the Mayor of Bromley, The Queen herself spoke with Offset Warehouse's Director, Charlie Ross, and Her Majesty showed huge interested in Offset Warehouse's range of ethical fabrics, asking questions about the difficulites of sourcing and enquiring about how our printing inks are ethical.  It was a huge honor and one of the highest accolades for Offset Warehouse so far, particularly notable for the limited time Offset Warehouse has been launched.

We spent the day screen printing eco tees and totes, which we handed out to all the attendees and even let those interested have a go screen printing themselves.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and we were honored to be able to represent ethical fashion and interiors.

See all our images from the event here.



Shortlisted for The Observer Ethical Awards 2011


Inevitably, given the current fiscal climate (politely described as "challenging"), some leaders and big businesses will try to weasel out of environmental and social justice commitment or scale back previously "ambitious" plans to become low carbon. If you like, this is the opposite of greenwashing but just as pernicious.

The best defence against such weaseling, when commitment to a better planet is more important than ever, is mass engagement and enthusiasm for new and better ideas, campaigners and their projects. And the Observer Ethical Awards are all about enthusiasm. Each year this is reflected in the fact that the general public vote in their thousands for the people and ideas you think make a real difference.

Online Retailer: As more of us shop online, which web retailer has undertaken ethical initiatives to make online purchasing a sustainable solution?

What they said: "Offset Warehouse: Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise offering a one-stop online shop for ethical clothing and interiors. Their website provides a wealth of information on the sourcing of products they stock."



Shortlisted for the Fashioning The Future Awards


Fashioning the Future Awards is the leading international cross-disciplinary platform for celebrating innovative initiatives towards fashion design for sustainability, its development and communication.

Offset Warehouse is an innovative enterprise that aims to champion sustainability and ethical practices in the production of fashion and interiors, by addressing a range of environmental and social issues, educating the consumer and thus encouraging the industry as a whole to become more ethically and environmentally conscious. We believe we exemplify what the “Fashioning Future Awards” stand for - a unique response to the challenge of protecting the environment and making the world a better place for us all to live.



November 2011

Featured in Sainsbury's Magazine - our ethical linens for your tablecloths!

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August 2011

Offset Warehouse founder and director, Charlie Ross, featured on Guardian journalist Leon Kaye's blog as an expert opinion.

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July 2011

Eco-Age:  Featured on Livia Firth's website, Eco-Age, by contributor, Becky Patrickson, who gave a lovely round up of what we do, and wonderful comments to accompany it!

"...when you find a single place to shop for all your ethical fashion needs, you know you’re onto a winner.  There are a fair few retailers out there who specialize in ethical labels, but one stands out in particular. Shortlisted for the Observer Ethical Awards 2011, Offset Warehouse not only stocks many gorgeous eco labels, but they also sell ethical fabric and haberdashery for the budding dressmakers out there.

"...if you’re struggling to find something ethical and fashionable ... get yourselves to Offset Warehouse and have a browse. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed."

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June 2011

Clear Mag:  Once again, we're indebted to Lucy Seigle for recommending us as the place to go for eco fabric:

"If you’re worried that these fabrics will give your sofa all the allure of a hay bale, worry no more. Eco fibres are no longer the hairy, hemp horrors of yesteryear. There are some great designers – fully versed in making woven fabric that is beautiful, soft and luxurious – who are more than happy to work with eco textiles.

"...For those who like to make their own curtains, cushions and upholstery, there’s online eco-textile company Offset Warehouse (, which stocks everything from wool herringbone to hemp denim, by the metre."

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March 2011

Eco Friendly Fashion and Lifestyle Blog:

"For anyone, like myself, who loves to create, but seems to struggle finding ethical fabrics and materials to use, I'd like to point you in the direction of the "Offset Warehouse.

"... a plethora of Fair-trade and 'Eco' products, especially for the production of clothing and interiors. Included in the website is a fabric and haberdashery shop, an ethical directory, a boutique, information resources, as well as consultancy and freelance services.

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March 2011 featured four of our products in their pick of twelve best product for fairtrade fortnight.

'The brainchild of Royal College of Art graduate Charlie Ross, brings together a host of ethical treasures - from clothing to interiors.

We've picked out our favourites here - starting with this Dayo tunic, £260".


Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five


February 2011

Offset Warehouse director, Charlie Ross, interviewed by Singaporean radio host, Devika Misra, on ethical fashion, where Charlie presented her thoughts of the state of ethical fashion today alongside some surprising statistics!


February 2011

Coverage in, by Amisha Ghadiali...


"You can order ethical fabrics with a minimum of only a meter (1 yard), making it easy to buy sustainable fabrics both a single garment or a larger eco-fashion collection. (Offset Warehouse also offers wholesale prices for large orders.)

"Our choice of fabrics are only the beginning, Ross tells Ecouterre.

Speaking with Ross, it’s clear how passionate she is about her mission. ”Sourcing ethically is so important,” she tells Ecouterre. “It’s irresponsible decisions in design and production that have caused so much devastation to the environment and repression of the workers who are behind the scenes..."


February 2011

Trend hunter... Offset Warehouse is their number one trend for February 2011! 

The Offset Warehouse Online Store is the new ethical and eco-friendly entrepreneurial enterprise of 25-year-old Charlie Ross.

After becoming frustrated with how expensive and difficult it was to get her hands on non-industrial amounts of conscientiously sourced textiles, Charlie founded the Offset Warehouse Online Store. By offering affordable fabrics that meet these criteria, the Offset Warehouse defies the reasoning that ethical fashion has to be prohibitively and impractically expensive.

"If you need more convincing, embracing more ethical choices isn’t just about helping to preserve an environment you’ll never see and people you’ll never meet,” she says. “It can also mean improving your own health and your overall quality of life.” Plus, she adds, the better choice isn’t necessarily more expensive. “In fact, it can save you money,” Ross says. “Why wouldn’t anyone want to be ethical when they source?"

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February 2011

Amisha Ghadiali's feature on Offset Warehouse in

"Introducing Offset Warehouse, the world’s first online destination to combine affordable ethical-fashion shopping with hard-to-find sustainable fabrics. Founded by 25-year-old Royal College of Art graduate Charlie Ross, the site was born from her own frustrations sourcing ethical fabrics in the smaller quantities she needed, as well as her desire to change the perception that ethical fashion is more expensive".

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February 2011

Huge thank you to Bridie for interviewing Offset Warehouse's Director, Charlie, for Alice in Londonland...


"Charlie Ross, The Genius Behind Offset Warehouse"

"Bridie: How do you see ethical fashion progressing within the fashion industry in the next decade?

"Ross: It would be nice to think that the word “ethical” will be redundant by then, and that being ethical in fashion will simply be a given. What’s fantastically exciting at the moment, in my opinion, is that we’re on the brink of a new development in the fashion industry: With the emergence of new, ethically focused designers who are wonderfully talented, they are bringing the “design” and desire into what consumers want to buy. No more hippy, hempy stuff. The problem at the moment is they can’t afford to produce anything that would be considered high street price points, so the allure for customers is lost – unless of course, you’re very wealthy. I hope by 2021, with a heightened demand for ethical fashion, the price of manufacturing will have dropped too. So we’ll all be wearing something that’s better for the environment and the people that made them, without having to think and worry about it. Perhaps a little idealistic, but you’ve got to set your sights high!"


January 2011

MBF Trend Talk is the blog of MBF Trend Consulting, a New York-based fashion forecasting and design consulting agency:

"The assumption that eco or socially friendly products is too expensive is losing it's validity as websites like Offset Warehouse allow anyone to order anywhere from a yard to an entire roll of ethical fabrics at a fair price. With more transparency and affordability of ethical fabrics, design students are becoming better educated with what is out there, while smaller designers are enabled to afford greener options. Furthermore, current and future brands will have more meaningful visions as sourcing becomes increasingly important in the retailer's identity".



January 2011

Amisha Ghadiali mentions us on

"You can salvage fabric from an old duvet cover or pillow case, mine old clothes for details and embellishments, or order sustainable textiles from Offset Warehouse ... "

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January 2011

The Observer's green journalist, Lucy Siegle, featured us in an article: "It's not easy being green... No.47: Sewing Your Own".

" has a great range of certified sustainable fibre, from wool herringbone to hemp denim"

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December 2010

Article in The Big Issue's Christmas edition! 

"Isn't it time someone brought together all the elements needed to be ethical in fashion and interiors? With just a few weeks to go, whether you're looking for gorgeous stocking-fillers, or easy ways to create and style a perfect, party outfit, it's all here on Offset Warehouse".

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November 2010 - our first Italian coverage...

"Offset Warehouse" Certified Ethical Shopping ...

"...Offset Warehouse is dedicated to promoting ethical manufacturing companies, freelance designers and communities willing to produce goods for a fair trade.

"It offers a wide variety of products, including those that are recycled, reclaimed, organic or aimed at supporting cooperation initiatives.

"What's interesting is the traceability of the processing,  Offset Warehouse documents the use of various types of dyes - from natural to azo dyes-free - to the natural whitening techniques.

"Offset Warehouse lets you shop ethically but creatively, with fabrics and materials that we can edit and customize, and by creating our unique and individual look, ethically!"

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October 2010

The Sustainable Stylist, Kim Kneipp's, feature about us:

"Offset Warehouse is an online site that brings together all the elements needed to make ethical clothing and interiors easy.  On there you can find and buy all sorts of ethical trims and materials, be it recycled, reclaimed, organic, fairtrade or sustainable. They also provide an ethical database directory of other mindful creatives making and doing their creative, eco things.

"For the past six months or so, I’ve been following them on their facebook page which is full of great articles and inspiring tidbits...

"Their blog is as new as mine, and I feel quite proud to have already received a listing."

Read the article online 


October 2010

Greenwise Business's Louise Bateman's feature on Offset Warehouse.


"... Offset Warehouse adheres to an ethical code encompassing both environmental and social issues... only work[ing] with companies that aim to reduce poverty, create sustainable livelihoods and minimise or counteract environmental problems.

"... the website includes a .. boutique, an information resource and a directory, where customers can access ethical freelancers and businesses, including fashion designers, textile designers, fabric dyers, embroiderers, consultants, furniture makers and stationary suppliers.

"Ross said her shop was already receiving positive feedback and orders and one of her objectives was to break into the mainstream fashion market."

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October 2010

Cabinet Maker's feature about our plans to produce a range of eco-furniture. 


Offset Warehouse, a new enterprise specialising in ethically-sourced fabrics, plans to enter the furniture and interiors market within a month.

... [They] plan to set up a furniture manufacturing branch that adheres to the company's ethical guidelines; using only locally-sourced oak and pine."

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October 2010

WGSN featured us as one of their "Top 5 Companies At Europe's Only Dedicated Ethical Sourcing Show":

S/S 11: ETHICAL SOURCING EXPO, LONDON - By Caroline Attwood, WGSN, 12 October 2010

WGSN highlights the top five companies at Europe's only dedicated ethical sourcing show.

• Who: Ethical sourcing website Offset Warehouse launched this month as a one-stop-shop for anything ethical, from coat hangers and shop fittings to materials, accessories and interiors products. The site also features helpful hints on buying ethical product, how to source properly and what markets are best

• Product and ethical stance: The site is dedicated to promoting ethically-run businesses, freelance designers and communities willing to produce fair trade goods

• How to use it: The website is free of charge, although visitors need to register before using the services

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October 2010

Running In Heels feature about Offset Warehouse.

"...The problem facing many designers is where are these ethical fabrics? Where are the best places to source from? How do I know if it’s truly ethical?...

If they buy from Offset Warehouse, they can be reassured that everything they purchase is ethical, without having to ask the questions themselves. Offset Warehouse does all the hard work for them..."

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October 2010

Designer, James Hillman, on a night out in Soho, London, sporting an Offset Warehouse reclaimed woven-cassette-tape bowtie!

James Hillman wears our bowtie


October 2010

Blogger Emma Janey Scribbles had some lovely things to say about Offset Warehouse ...



..."Now, I need not be too disappointed about not finding any fabric... because a new website solves all of those problems!  ... Offset Warehouse eliminates the hassle by providing a one-stop shop for ethical fabrics and haberdashery, as well as an essential resource for designers, students and hobbyists. Plus I'm featured on the database as a researcher/writer! I will definitely be getting my fabrics from here in the future"...

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October 2010

Offset Warehouse in White Princess'  "Best Bits of" ...

"... This online retail site caters to small designers, students, artisans and others that make small quantities of clothing. They offer a whole range of ethically sourced and produced fabrics (from cotton to silk, over bamboo, hemp etc.), a resource site, and notably a directory of professionals active in the Ethical Fashion scene..."

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September 2010

The gorgeous designer, Sara Bro-Jorgensen, wore her Offset Warehouse sunnies during LFW 2010.


August 2010

Olly Murs, 2009 X Factory runner-up, wears our sunnies at a Heart FM radio interview.