Fair Trade

"Fair trade" concerns the social and ethical impact of consumer products, usually with a focus on welfare and pay for the workers. There are various certifications for fair trade, where you can have fair trade commodities (e.g. cotton), fair trade products (i.e. the whole product's components are fair trade) or fair trade production (e.g. a factory). It is a complex issue, but you can find more in our articles:
What Is Fair Trade? Trust The Symbol, Support The Worker - which focusses on the fair trade symbol you will have most come across.
Myth Busting: Does Organic Mean Fair Trade - which focusses on what the nuances are
We also have lessons on The Sustainable Fashion Collective from experts in fighting injustices in trade, from Traidcraft Exchange, Purnaa and WFTO.
The fabrics shown here are guaranteed fair trade through their production facility, with third party accreditors WFTO and Artisans Cambodia. Another verifier of fair wage production across the entire supply chain is GOTS, so wherever you see GOTS-certification, this ensures that everyone in the supply chain has received fair wages for their work.

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