Nettle Fabric

We are so excited to bring you these handwoven textiles, made with a blend of cotton and nettle fibres.

Nettle is particularly good for fashion as it's durable and strong, which you might associate with being itchy or uncomfortable, but on the contrary, it's soft and silky to the touch. It is hypoallergenic and has superior absorbency. It's breathable and dries very quickly and thanks to its hollow fibre, is insulating and temperature balancing, so nettle clothing is cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Nettle is a naturally low impact fibre plant. As a weed-like, wild plant it requires no irrigation or pesticides and is available in abundance. It balances soil by removing excess phosphates and nitrogen that can disrupt plant fertility, and, so long as its roots survive, it will grow year on year without needing replanting, meaning it doesn't contribute to soil erosion.

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