Eco-Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty and Wellness

The eco-friendly and organic segment of the personal care market is the fastest growing in North American cosmetics—increasing by 30 percent every year! For the millions of women who seek a more natural, holistic beauty regimen, as well as those with sensitive or problem skin, this gorgeous, full-color book is an indispensable guide to beauty products that are not only good to the earth but also kind to the skin. In detail:
  • An easy-to-follow skin care regimen for fresh, glowing skin
  • The ingredients to seek out in a product, and the ones to avoid
  • Quick and easy application tips to make eyes pop, lips pout, and cheeks glow
  • Green recipes for her signature daytime and evening looks, from “Business Chic” to “Sexy Vixen
  • Makeup techniques inspired by the four seasons, as well as looks tailored to a woman’s age and lifestyle
With before-and-after application photos, helpful information, and green product suggestions in every price range, this is a beauty book like no other—truly eco-friendly and eco-beautiful. 

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