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Has campaigning for an ethical fashion industry had any impact?

By Bryony Moore; Tuesday 1 November 2011; might be slow, and a sweat-free high street is still a long way off, but it's not all doom and gloomHow much success have campaigners had?Campaigners have been battling for an ethical fashion industry ever since the first sweatshop scandals broke back in the 1990s.  Even now, Ethical Consumer magazine's latest buyers' guide reveals that a sweat-free high street is still a long way off.Anton Marcus, joint secretary of the Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union in Sri Lanka believes the single biggest barrier to progress is access to free trade unions:\Our biggest fight is with the supplier companies who are strongly anti-union and the government

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Sustainability In The Fashion Business

Interesting article in the Guardian with an overview on how fashion businesses can incorporate ethics, particularly sustainability, into their operations.By, Jenny Purt for the Guardian Professional NetworkWednesday 28 SeptemberWhat should the priorities be for the apparel business?• Labour conditions, water footprints, fibres and carbon.An initial step would be for companies to make a concerted effort to adopt a few fabrics that are more sustainable but which may cost 5-10% more in base price. This would cause a chain reaction in the rest of industry. As big brands source more responsible textiles for their collections, there will be a bigger volume of orders which will lower the overall manufacturing cost (and therefore retail price), making the product more accessible to the...

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Green Hits New York Fashion Week SS12

It’s Easy Being Green: Green Is the new BlackNobody wants their clothes to look trashy—least of all, fashion designers—but amid the excitement of 2011’s New York Fashion Week, the pejorative might not be so much of an insult. Exhibits like that of designer Nancy Judd feature high-end garments made from cassette tape, junk mail, and plastic bags.Indeed, designers at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, or New York Fashion Week as many call it, are making it abundantly clear that green is the new black. The models for John Patrick Organic’s exhibit strutted down the runway in pieces whose origins can be traced on Sourcemap, a web resource that provides information about supply chains. The designer said his adventurous spring 2012...

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